The whole team of the Abbey of Villers has the pleasure to propose the many activities that will take place on the site in 2019. This calendar is intended primarily for you, dear inhabitants of Villers. After all, we know your attachment to the Abbey. And we invite you, dear friends from Belgium and elsewhere, to (re)discover this exceptional heritage of Wallonia in a different way. Discover small activities and big events, come with family or friends to have a great time or just to relax ... you just have to make a choice!

Marie-José Laloy,
Expo photo Johnny Hallyday Expo photo Johnny Hallyday (Content in French) -
Journée découverte : jeu de rôle Journée découverte : jeu de rôle (Content in French) , ,
Dégustation de vin Découverte et dégustation de vins d’abbayes et du terroir (Content in French)
Soirée Viva for Life à l'abbaye de Villers Soirée Viva for Life (Content in French)
Le chapiteau de Tempo d'Eole A.Bois par Tempo d'Eole (Content in French) -
Mc Ginty & Keegan Music Duo Mc Ginty & Keegan Music Duo (Content in French)
Florence Mendez en spectacle Florence Mendez en spectacle (Content in French)