Kids of the world by Elena Shumilova

Villers Abbey is delighted to welcome the Kids of the World photo exhibition by Elena Shumilova, running from October 8th, 2018 to January 8th, 2019 and featuring 32 large format photos by the internationally-acclaimed Russian artist, shown in the abbey grounds.   

The artist – A mother and nature-lover

A mother and fervent lover of nature, Elena Shumilova is also an internationally-celebrated artist, specialised in children's portraits.

She discovered her passion for photography in 2012, as she was striving to immortalize the special moments spent with her children while portraying the feeling of tranquillity that comes from living in the countryside, in contact with nature.

Elena Shumilova lives and works in the Russian countryside and travels throughout the world for her projects and photography workshops.

Her photos are now featured in many specialist photography magazines. The artist has also gained wide popularity on social media, with a community of over 750,000 followers.

© Elena Shumilova

"Kids of the World" exhibition

Elena Shumilova travelled the world for 3 years to compile the photos featured in Kids of the World, which seek to portray the beauty and innocence of childhood. Behind each individual face lie the universal attitudes and feelings attached to this special period in our lives.

The artist invites us, as adults, to renew ties with our inner child and rediscover our ability to experience surprise, see life with new eyes every day and enjoy the present to the full. Her pictures encourage us to reconnect with the magic of childhood. Elena likes to quote Paulo Coelho “A child can teach an adult three things: to be happy for no reason, to always be busy with something, and to know how to demand with all his might that which he desires.”

Venue: Villers Abbey

Villers Abbey is welcoming an exhibition by an internationally-acclaimed artist for the second time this year.