Thomas Frank Hopper

Thomas Frank Hopper, it is a slide guitar riff plugged into a tube amp and melodies that ooze Blues Rock. He's also a generous, close-to-audience artist with uncommon sensitivity and a pure voice. Let yourself be carried away by the authenticity of the music of this undeniably talented Belgian artist!

"One of the most promising talents in Belgian rock today", Classic 21

The meditation path

Eight panels line the route, which begins at the foot of the church and climbs to the Saint-Bernard chapel. Written by the Emergences teaching team, coordinated by Ilios Kotsou, each panel is an invitation to explore an attitude of mindfulness: non-judgment, patience, beginner's mind, trust, acceptance, gratitude, generosity and kindness.

We were inspired to offer a meditation path in this location because it naturally inspires contemplation, as you can discover for yourself. Loaded with history, silences, both a place of life and reflection, this monument welcomes you on its meditative trail, the time of a shared path.

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness meditation suggests pausing to observe and feel what's going on inside and around you and then, perhaps acting more consciously instead of reacting. Ilios Kotsou adds: Learning to live mindfully means exercising your ability to step outside your automatisms and be more present to your own life.

What's it for?

Meditating allows you to discover keys to developing your inner serenity, improving your well-being, getting to know yourself and others better, (re)connecting with your values and therefore taking better care of yourself, others and the world.

Open all year round

Access to the meditation path is included in the Abbey entrance fee. If you regularly practice mindfulness meditation and would like to come back to settle down at various times of the year, consider taking an annual pass.

Please note, the meditation path is not accessible to people with reduced mobility. The trail is located in an area with many stairs.

A notebook with the texts of the mindfulness meditation path is available for €2.

Etienne S.

In his humorous one-man show "La musique, ma mère!", Etienne S. offers audiences a completely original musical-theatrical cocktail, a fusion of stand-up and groove, with improbable instruments from every continent.

From Bamako to Caracas, via Brussels and Montreal, follow him on an atypical journey that reflects his country of origin: surreal!

Bai Kamara Jr.

With his warm, sober and intimate voice, Bai Kamara Jr. blends Afro-blues, soul, funk and R'n'B with undeniable talent. With a new album, "Traveling Medicine Man", the committed singer-songwriter will make you want to get up and dance!

A powerful blues reconnecting with his African roots - Télérama (FR)

Olivier Laurent: a tribute to Brel

An immersive experience in the world of Jacques Brel, that's what Olivier Laurent offers us. On stage, the Belgian artist plays through the rich repertoire of the great Francophone singer. It's all there: the gestures, the mimics, the looks, the intonations and, of course, the voice!

"Olivier Laurent doesn't imitate Brel, he brings him back to life on stage. A show that will transport you out of time" Le Parisien

Plain Jane

Plain Jane is a Belgian band that draws its inspiration from leading artists such as Fleetwood Mac, John Mayer, Portsihead, Sheryl Crow and many others, while creating its own hushed, authentic musical universe tinged with Americana (folk, pop, country, rhythm and blues). A band that shows its talent to the full on stage.

Le Jardin du Yoga

JDY2024, Sunday, September 8, 2024

For the 7th consecutive year, the Yoga Garden will take place in September 2024 at Villers Abbey, co-organized with Mélissa Yog & Me.

A day filled with beautiful energies in an exceptional setting!

This year's theme will be "Resonance" with the 5th chakra 'Vishuddha' in the spotlight.

We'll set off to explore the subtle world of vibration, the vibratory field that's part of every being and everything. When our vibrations resonate, they create harmony and an opening to something greater.